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RCV PRO – The Revolutionary Skin Supplement

RCV PRO – The Revolutionary Skin Supplement

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Are you seeking a breakthrough in your battle against stubborn skin issues like eczema and psoriasis?

Look no further than RCV PRO!

Crafted with precision and backed by science, RCV PRO is formulated to strengthen your skin from within, providing the support it needs to combat persistent challenges.

Trio of Powerhouse Ingredients:

RCV PRO's formula boasts a trio of powerhouse ingredients:

1. Rice Ceramide from Japan:

Renowned for its skin-nourishing properties, rice ceramide fortifies the skin barrier, enhancing moisture retention and resilience. Click Here to read more about how Rice Ceramide helps with Eczema and Psoriasis.

2. Postbiotics from Korea:

Harnessing the power of probiotics, our postbiotics promote a balanced skin microbiome, reducing inflammation and bolstering skin health.

3. Pomegranate Extract from Spain:

Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate extract helps fend off free radicals, supporting skin regeneration and vitality.

All Natural

RCV PRO contains only natural ingredients, providing you a safe and effective skin wellness solution.

But That's Not All!

RCV PRO is not only effective, but also incredibly convenient.

Our innovative powder form means there's no need for complicated routines or messy applications.

Just tear, and enjoy. Your skincare routine has never been this effortless and fun!

Is RCV PRO Effective?

While there may be no cure for eczema and psoriasis at the moment (as far as the medical world is concerned), our customers have experienced remarkable results with RCV PRO.

They've reported significant improvements in their skin condition, reclaiming their self-confidence and embracing life to the fullest.

Take charge of your skin's destiny with RCV PRO.

Don't let skin issues compromise your well-being – reclaim your skin's health and live your best life now!

Healthier and Happier Skin!

Don't wait another day to experience the transformative benefits of RCV PRO.

Secure your supply and embark on a journey to healthier, happier skin!

This website only ships to customers in Malaysia. For Singapore and International customers, please visit:

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More Information About RCV PRO:

Full Ingredients?

Pomegranate juice powder, Lactobacillus plantarum, Pomegranate Extract, Rice ceramide, and Erythritol.

RCV PRO contains 5 billion CFU/G of Lactobacillus plantarum.

How Does RCV PRO Taste Like?

Experience the vibrant taste of RCV PRO's tangy pomegranate, straight from the sachet to your palate.

Our ready-to-consume powder is crafted using authentic pomegranate juice powder, ensuring each serving is bursting with genuine flavor.

With no need for mixing or diluting, you can enjoy the invigorating essence of real pomegranate on-the-go.

Elevate your skin wellness experience and delight in the refreshing taste of RCV PRO wherever, whenever.

Does RCV PRO Contain Steroids?

Absolutely NO!

We acknowledge the long-term side effects of steroids and we ensure that RCV PRO doesn't contain any.

CLICK HERE to view RCV PRO's Steroids Test report.

Is RCV PRO Halal?

Yes, absolutely! RCV PRO has been certified Halal by JAKIM, for your assurance.

CLICK HERE to view its Halal certification.


Yes, RCV PRO is safe. As a wellness brand, safety is our utmost priority.

Click Here to view RCV PRO's harmful substances test result.

Is RCV PRO Classified by KKM?

RCV PRO has been classified by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) department under KKM:

Are you ready to experience the multitude of benefits that RCV PRO has in store for you?

Don't waste another moment just yearning for healthier skin.

Join the countless others who have already experienced the remarkable results of RCV PRO.

Click Here to purchase your RCV PRO NOW!

Where Is RCV PRO From?

RCV PRO is formulated with premium ingredients sourced globally.

The three key premium ingredients include rice ceramide from Japan, postbiotics from Korea, and pomegranate extract from Spain.

However, RCV PRO is produced in Malaysia, where strict processes are enforced to ensure quality.

Additionally, production in Malaysia enables us to achieve cost efficiency so that we can pass on the savings to our customers - YOU!

How Can RCV PRO Help My Skin?

Here's how RCV PRO helps to nourish and strengthen your skin:

Step 1. Repair

  • Begin your journey to healthier skin as RCV PRO heals and replenishes your skin from within.
  • Our carefully selected postbiotics work harmoniously with your body's natural defenses, restoring balance and promoting a healthier gut-skin connection.
  • Watch scars and blemishes gradually fade away as your skin undergoes a remarkable repair process.

Step 2: Care

  • Nurture your skin with the essential nutrients it craves.
  • Packed with antioxidants, our pomegranate extract fights against free radicals, helping to improve your skin's condition.
  • Witness the transformation as your skin becomes supple, vibrant, and free from the common skin problems.

Step 3: Vitalize

  • Let RCV PRO's powerful blend of rice ceramide work its magic.
  • Rebuild your skin's natural barrier and unleash deep rejuvenation.
  • Experience the disappearance of dryness, irritation, and redness as your skin regains its healthy appearance.

Step 4: Protect

  • Shield your skin from external aggressors that threaten its well-being.
  • RCV PRO creates a protective barrier, guarding against harmful UV rays, pollution, and other environmental stressors.
  • Feel confident knowing that your skin is shielded, allowing it to flourish with natural radiance.

Are you ready to experience the multitude of benefits that RCV PRO has in store for you?

Don't waste another moment just yearning for healthier skin.

Join the countless others who have already experienced the remarkable results of RCV PRO.

Click Here to purchase your RCV PRO NOW!

Any Success Stories for RCV PRO?

Here are some of the many other testimonials we received from our customers after consuming RCV PRO:

Are you ready to experience the multitude of benefits that RCV PRO has in store for you?

Don't waste another moment just yearning for healthier skin.

Join the countless others who have already experienced the remarkable results of RCV PRO.

Click Here to purchase your RCV PRO NOW!

How to Consume?

RCV PRO is formulated as a ready-to-consume dietary supplement.

Just tear, and enjoy!

Your skin wellness routine has never been this fun!

How Many Sachets Per Day?

If this is your first time, we recommend taking 1 sachet per day, for 1 week.

This is so that we can gradually introduce RCV PRO to your internal system.

You may increase to 2 or 3 sachets per day after one week, depending on your skin condition.

Suitable for Children?

RCV PRO is suitable for children aged 3 and all the way to adults.

Because it only contains natural ingredients, it's safe to be consumed by children.

Any Allergic Information?

RCV PRO may contain traces of soy due to its postbiotics fermentation process.

Please do not consume RCV PRO if you are allergic to soy.

Can Guys Take RCV PRO?

Yes, RCV PRO is suitable for both genders.

Can Pregnant Mommy Take RCV PRO?

Yes, can. Because RCV PRO doesn't contain any hormones or antibiotics, so it's also safe for pregnant moms.

Can I Take RCV PRO During My Period?

Yes you can, because RCV PRO doesn't contain any hormones, so it's safe.

How Fast Can I See Results?

Honestly speaking, results vary from individual to individual. This is because everybody's metabolism rate is different.

We've had customers who see amazing skin improvements with 2 boxes.

On the other hand, we also have customers who only start to see improvement after consuming 4 boxes and more.

We understand your eagerness to overcome your skin problems. But it is very important to note that RCV PRO is not medicine.

The key here is to continuously nourish our skin from within. Once our skin structure is strong, it will be able to fight off problems like eczema or psoriasis naturally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
P Marshall

I have been using this product for there months so far and while it has not been the dramatic improvement that others have had there has been some improvement and I have ordered two more boxes in the hope that my skin will get better over time. I'm prepared to be patient.

Rozana MY
It works!

My daughter is taking it for her eczema which recently became worse, and had spread to her hands. It was also very itchy, which made her rub her hands more. Her normal medicine was not working to help ease the pain and itch. After taking your product, there has been some improvement, the eczema on her hands actually got better, and it actually relieved the itching. I am hoping that it will continue to improve as she continues taking it - am ordering two kore boxes for

Melissa Lim

I think it has helped a little on my eczema. I'm on the second box now. Will continue hopefully to see better results

Love it

I had been struggling with my skin problem for more than 15 years. After consuming 2.5 boxes of RVC Pro, I noticed that my skin has had less inflammation lately, and my acne recovers more quickly within 1-2 days. Additionally, my acne scars have lightened. My pores have become obviously finer, and my skin tone has become brighter. I hope my skin will continue to look healthier over time. Overall, I love this RVC PRO product, and I am definitely will be a returning customer.

Nadia Yusof
Love it

My first box and i love the taste and size of the sachet. Planning on purchasing another box