That Skincare Info is False! Exposing Bad Skincare Tips

That Skincare Info is False! Exposing Bad Skincare Tips

We are all familiar with those skincare tips that seem too good to be true. Here’s the thing: if a skincare tip sounds like it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Nourri wants you to know that we care about you, so we’re going to go through a list of skincare myths, so that you don’t fall victim to any tip that will hurt your skin or confidence.

You can’t trust everything that you see on the internet, but you can trust everything that you see on Nourri. If you’re ready to learn more about skincare tips that you should avoid, then let’s get into it. The faster we do, the faster you can be on your way to glowing skin.

Skincare Myths

1. When You Eat Greasy Food, You’re going to Get Acne

When it comes down to it, you’re not going to get acne by eating greasy food alone. If you’re going to get acne from greasy food, it’s going to be because you’re smearing your greasy hands on your face. You can clog your pores if you get grease on your face, but since most people wash their hands after eating, greasy food doesn’t actually cause any acne.

2. After Drinking Eight Glasses of Water, Your Skin Will Clear

Sure, it matters what you eat and drink, because these factors do have a correlation on your skin. But there is no science that proves eight glasses of water is the magic number. You need to drink water for hydrated skin, but there’s no evidence that you’ve got to drink eight glasses of water!

3. Acne Can Only Occur on Your Face

Not true! In actuality, acne can appear where you have a higher concentration of oil glands. So, acne can manifest itself in places other than your face. In fact, it’s incredibly common for acne to appear on your body.

4. If You Don’t Have Acne as a Teen, You Won’t Have Acne as an Adult

Although it is most common for acne to occur during either puberty or adolescence, some people do develop acne as adults. Sometimes, acne occurs after the age of twenty-five because of things like stress, diet, or a change in hormones.

5. Acne Comes Because of Bad Hygiene

Acne isn’t a simple condition. There are many reasons why someone gets acne, and actually, sometimes you can make acne worse, by over cleansing your skin! This is a harmful myth, because there’s no correlation between cleanliness and acne.

6. Acne Treatments that Work for Others Will Work for You

This one’s false, because like most things, acne treatments aren’t one size fits all!

7. Masturbation is a Cause of Acne

This is a silly myth, and many experts don’t even know where it came from. You can rest assured that there’s no correlation between masturbation and acne.

8. You Can’t Pop a Pimple Yourself

Here’s the good news, you can pop your own pimples. You’ve just got to do it the right way. Don’t put too much pressure on your face or pop a pimple with dirty hands. If you pop a pimple the sanitary way, however, you’re good to pop away.

9. If You Put a Little Toothpaste on a Pimple, It will Disappear

When it comes down to it, the people who invented toothpaste were not designing a product that was meant to be put on your face. Don’t use toothpaste on your face. Instead, use a product that was meant to be applied to your face. You’ll thank yourself for it.

10. Aspirin Can Cure Breakouts

Sure, aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties, but it isn’t going to do anything to cure acne. Talk to a professional, if you’re unsure how to get rid of your acne, but don’t try to use aspirin. That’s for sure! 

11. Acne Goes Away By Itself, Every Time 

85% of the population gets acne, so it’s totally normal to experience breakouts. However, you’ve got to remember that acne doesn’t go away naturally for everyone. There’s no shame in going to a dermatologist, to get the help that you need for acne.

Final Thoughts 

We’ve been over a list of skincare myths. So, the next time that you hear someone say “you can cure acne with toothpaste,” you’ll be equipped to say, “no you can’t!” Nourri cares about your skin health, so along with not listening to skincare myths, it’s important to listen to evidence-based skincare tips.

Here’s one: use Nourri’s ‘Ready Set Glow’ supplement. If you’re struggling with your skin, hair, or nails, ‘Ready Set Glow’ is sure to help, because it’s packed with rice ceramide and collagen. These are ingredients that are proven by the experts, to help. If you want clear skin, ‘Ready Set Glow’ is for you.

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