Don’t Leave Skincare Up to Chance: Take the Experts’ Advice

Don’t Leave Skincare Up to Chance: Take the Experts’ Advice

When it comes to skincare advice, you might be getting your information from trends going around social media, stories that your mom told you, or unsolicited advice from your friends. Yes, sometimes your friends and family have good advice, but it’s always a good idea to know what the professionals are saying, when it comes to skincare.

We’re going to walk you through a list of skincare trends, that are backed by the experts. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out whether you can trust a skincare tip that you find online, so we’re going to help you figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction. Because everything here is fact (we have your back). You deserve glowing skin, and if you follow these tips, then you’re on your way to achieving this. Let’s get into it.

Here are the Experts’ Tips

1. Use Sunscreen

According to the experts, it is vital that you use sunscreen. Not only is sunscreen beneficial for the appearance of your skin, but it is important for the health of your skin, as well. Demonologists agree that putting on a daily SPF is a good way to diminish the chance of different skin cancers, and it will lead to a more youthful appearance, too. You can’t go wrong, with sunscreen.

2. LED Light Masks are Beneficial

It might seem like this tip is fiction, but the experts agree, that LED Light Masks can help with the appearance of your skin. Here’s a tip straight from the experts: if you’re using an LED Light Mask, be sure to put on some kind of serum, cream, or treatment, beforehand. If you do this, then you’re going to see better results.

3. Japanese Indigo is a Lifesaver

If you’re someone who has eczema or rosacea, then this tip is for you. There are anti-inflammatory properties in Japanese Indigo, according to the experts. So, if you’re trying to get help for these conditions, implementing a skincare product with Japanese Indigo is a great choice. 

4. Visit the Dermatologist 

It’s no surprise that the experts advise that you…see the experts. In other words, if you’re having severe skin problems (or if you want personalized advice), it’s a good idea to book an appointment with your dermatologist. Forming a long-term relationship with a doctor who understands skin, can be transformative. 

5. Cut Down on the Makeup 

It’s great to wear makeup, but sometimes, putting a substantial amount of makeup on your face, will just cause your skin to become irritated. The experts agree that it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of makeup that you wear, if you’re trying to have healthier skin. Try out a few weeks without makeup, and see if you can discern a difference. You don’t have to swear off makeup forever, but this is a simple skincare trend that can make a huge difference.

6. Take a Gummy Supplement

We’ve all heard that what you put into your body matters, so in order to have the healthiest skin possible, it’s a great idea to supplement your diet with a collagen-filled gummy. The experts agree that when you do this, you’re going to have more elastic skin, less wrinkles, and less rough skin. Plus, you’re not going to experience any negative side effects from a supplement like this, which is a win. If there’s one thing that you should try, it’s gummy supplements.

Final Thoughts

All of the skincare tips that we’ve discussed are backed by experts, so if you’re trying to revamp your skincare routine, try these trends. At Nourri, we know that it can be hard to find time in your day to take care of your skin, and that’s why we introduced a supplement that makes skincare quick and easy.

Our new ‘Ready Set Glow’ supplement is filled with collagen and rice ceramide. With these natural ingredients, you’re going to see results: like better skin elasticity and hydration, shiny hair, and lean muscle growth. Skincare doesn’t have to be hard, when you implement ‘Ready Set Glow’ into your self-care routine.

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