Collagen Peptides vs. Collagen Tripeptides: What You Need To Know

Collagen Peptides vs. Collagen Tripeptides: What You Need To Know

Who doesn't want to feel beautiful both inside and out? Collagen is a vital part of our skin and connective tissues. The simplest way to boost your collagen is to consume it and it nourishes you from the inside out!

Collagen is an example of a supplement that many use to help alleviate joint discomfort, strengthen your nails and hair, and reduce signs of aging. But a quick search for collagen supplements will have your head spinning again once you realize collagen peptides and collagen tripeptides are also an option. So which is right for you?

When looking for supplements, you may see some described as collagen peptides and others as collagen tripeptide. What's the difference? Which one is best for you?

Let's explore the wonderful world of collagen.

What Does Collagen Do for Your Body?

Collagen is a flexible protein that connects your skin, muscles, and organs. You might call it the "glue" of your body. Obviously, that's important for your wellness!

You can think of it as a building block to create all the structures that make up your body. The production of collagen in humans lowers naturally over time. This decrease is usually why your skin gets less elastic, and your joints get stiffer. It’s also when most people turn to collagen supplements to help them get more healthy, youthful skin and joints.

Collagen determines whether you can quickly bounce back from injuries and scaring. It also plays a huge role in your joint mobility. As we age, our collagen breaks down, which is why we may develop arthritis. Collagen is also the main ingredient of cartilage. So it's not only the "glue" but also critical to your skeletal structure!

Finally, collagen helps form connective, spongey tissue for your blood and vital fluids. It's a key element of your bone marrow.

Benefits of Collagen Peptides

While collagen peptides by themselves are often touted as a beauty cure-all, many of these claims aren’t always made in good faith or are half-truths. Collagen peptides are an excellent protein source and could help improve your skin, hair, and nails.

They help stimulate collagen related to joint health and skeletal structure that may boost your recovery and help relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

But by itself, it’s far from the miracle supplement many wellness gurus claim it to be. Much research on collagen peptides’ effectiveness is still underway, even if the research available seems promising.

Benefits of Collagen Tripeptide

By contrast, collagen tripeptides are a much more specific and direct form of collagen that’s proven to be nourishing to the body. Collagen tripeptide makes it even easier for your body to synthesize collagen. It also supports the production of hyaluronic acid, which is also vital to healthy skin! One study found that CTP helps protect skin from UV exposure.

Tripeptides are unique peptide chains containing three amino acids. Studies show that tripeptides are much better at reducing skin wrinkle formation and help create stronger, more resilient skin cells. They’re also incredible at repairing and restoring the body and have been linked to improved wound and bone fracture healing. It’s even being researched to provide relief to those suffering from osteoarthritis and could prevent the deterioration of cartilage that comes with aging.

And if you aren’t concerned with these issues, you can still get incredible benefits from collagen tripeptides, as taking them can keep your skin well hydrated, helping prevent the formation of future fine lines and wrinkles and reduce itchiness. Tripeptides also enhance your skin’s protective barrier to help keep you safe from pollutants and allergens that could cause further irritation.

The Main Differences

Even though they’re cut from the same cloth, with tripeptides, there’s a dramatic increase in efficacy and usefulness. Another big difference is that conventional collagen peptides can’t be absorbed directly into the intestinal tract, while tripeptides can. So this means that more of the body gets more of the benefit. Tripeptides will also absorb easily through your skin, bones, and cartilage. And these body parts even prefer them over traditional collagen peptides.

While peptides and tripeptides seem to have a future in the health and wellness communities, it’s clear that tripeptides are pulling ahead of the pack in bioavailability, efficiency, and benefits.

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