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Asking for Help Is Brave, Not a Sign of Weakness

Have you heard someone say that asking for help is a sign of weakness? Chances are, you probably have. We want to assure you that it’s not weak to ask for help. Actually, it’s very brave. Being vulnerable enough to recognize that you can’t overcome something alone, is something that you should be proud of. We know one thing: Nourri’s proud of you.

It’s impossible for one person to know about everything! Every person in the world has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, so if you’re faced with a task that aligns with one of your weaknesses, it’s impressive to reach out for help.

Let’s walk through some reasons that it is not a weakness to reach out for help.

1. It Shows that You’re a High Performer

There’s research that proves that people who excel the most, ask their colleagues for help. That’s right. If you’re asking for help, the chances are that you’re an incredibly high performer! On the other hand, people who don’t ask for help are usually low performers. That means that it’s a great sign if you ask for help.

2. You’ll Develop a Growth Mindset

Learning from other people will help you understand the ways that you can improve. So, if you ask for help, you’re developing a growth mindset, which means that you’re devoted to getting better. Collecting new information is good for the brain, and asking for help is a great way to collect new information!

Have a little help from my friends

3. Your Mental Health Will Improve

We all need to connect with other people. It can feel isolating, if we’re tasked with a problem that we can’t solve. So, if you reach out to another person to get their help, you’re improving your own headspace. Plus, with one less task off your plate, you’ll probably have more time to perform some much needed self-care activities.

4. It Makes Bonds Stronger

Asking for assistance gives you the opportunity to get close to another person. Whether you ask a colleague, friend, or family member for help, you’re going to have an opportunity to spend time with another person. Naturally, you’re going to get closer to another person, when you ask them for their help.

I get by with a little help from my friends

5. You Can Become Better at Working on a Team

Teamwork is an important skill. If you can work on a team, you will have an increased work ethic and you’ll be more efficient, in general. So, asking for help will sharpen your collaboration skills, and it’s important to be able to collaborate.

6. You’ll be Happier

What’s better than being happy? That’s right, nothing. You deserve to be happy, and if you can’t complete a task by yourself, chances are you’ll feel upset and bad about yourself. The key to being more happy, is working with others, so if you ask for help, your mood will improve. It’s that simple! Reach out for help, and you’ll feel better.

7. You’ll Focus Better and Feel More Energetic

Let’s say you have something to do, and you know that you’ll never be able to do it by yourself. You’ll probably stare at your computer screen, waiting to complete the task. However, if you don’t think that you can do it, the task will never get done. The act of staring at your computer will make you lethargic and unfocused. So, if you outsource the job to someone that can help, your focus and energy will go up, because you’ll be able to work on other tasks, without being brought down by the one you can’t do.

8. You Won’t Procrastinate as Much

We understand…you really don’t want to do that task at work or school…but, you have to. Scrolling through social media or playing with your dog is a lot more fun than whatever task you have to do, so you procrastinate. We can’t blame you, but we do know that you’re going to feel badly when you procrastinate. So, if you ask for help, you’ll face the task that you’re avoiding, and in the end, you’ll feel better.

You don’t have to do things alone! There are plenty of people out there who want to help you, and Nourri wants to help you too! Hopefully we’ve been of assistance, today, and we hope that you’ve learned a lot about the importance of reaching out for help. You’re great, but we’re always better together. Ask for help!

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